Which path should I take?

I left London escorts about 2 years back now to live with this man I had fulfilled on a night out. It was a little a spur of the minute decision, however at the time I felt that I wanted to have a long time away from working at London escorts. He is a great person, however just recently I have actually begun to feel extremely trapped in our relationship, and I am not exactly sure that I would like to be with him anymore. I truly do miss working for London escorts of https://cityofeve.org and all of the enjoyable I had with the rest of the girls. A number of my former associates at London escorts state that they would enjoy to have my way of lives. Sure, it is good, however I feel that I am stuck in a rut. The guy I am living with has plenty of money which is nice, but there is a big however here. When you have actually been with a person like that for a long time, you begin to understand it is not everything about the cash, and I guess that is how I feel about our relationship. I had a great deal of fun working for London escorts, and I want to have that back once again if I potentially can. Naturally, there are some positives. The house that I live in is truly great and I don’t have to stress over anything. My partner understands that I am renting my apartment or condo however he lets me keep all of the money and he still offers me additional spending money. Some of the women at London escorts say that I am really lucky as I do not “desire” for anything. And yes, my partner accepts the truth I utilized to work for a London escorts service and does not stress over it. However I still feel that I am losing out on numerous things. When we first met, our relationship was very passionate and I enjoyed that. However, since then, we have wound up being in front of the TELEVISION in the evening. He likes to have hot chocolate and remain in bed at 10 pm. That is not my kind of lifestyle and makes me miss the late night parties with London escorts even more. Possibly we have become one of those couples who has actually simply drifted apart and need to go our different ways. I am unsure what to do. One part of me tells me to go back to London escorts and continue my glamorous way of life. Then another part of me tells me to stay put and wait it out. It might be that things will get better again. However, it might be simply me. Could it be that I am anticipating excessive out of this relationship? I know that it is not the exciting way of life which I signed up for, however possibly we are not meant to be sipping champagne in bed all of the time. Deciding whether to go or remain is one of the hardest things that I have actually ever had to perform in my life.